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          Free cutting steel

          Product Introduction: Our free cutting steels belongs to the environmental friendly free cutting steels. Compared with 12L14, our products exclude Pb or other substances which may harmful to the environment. From 2008, we began to research this series of production has complete in shapes and specifications, also could be produced by three types of products: wire rod, flat bar and round bar. It has abundant of advantages, for instance, non-pollution, well cutting property, small crack tendency, outstanding drawing property, good surface. Furthermore, it overcomes some disadvantages of common sulfur free cutting steels, such as, slow cutting speed and easy to crack. We already got the wide recognition and praises from users. And now it has gradually replaced other free-cutting steel products, and ranking forefront in the domestic market for many years.

          Product applications: Our products are widely used in the auto-parts manufacture of electronic and electrical appliances, auto parts, medical equipment, instrumentation, lighting furniture, watches, printing consumables, machine tools, various fasteners and standard parts of various machines.

          Product categories Size (mm) Steel grades Executive standards
          Free cutting steels Free cutting steel wire rods φ5~φ50 1215FS,1144FS Enterprise standards,Protocol standards
          Y08~Y45,Y15Mn~Y45Mn GB/T8731,GB/T14981
          Free cutting steel flat bars 44.5~150×5~50 1215FS,1144FS Enterprise standards,Protocol standards
          Y08~Y45,Y15Mn~Y45Mn GB/T8731,GB/T14981
          Free cutting steel round bars φ16~φ70 1215FS,1144FS Enterprise standards,Protocol standards
          Y08~Y45,Y15Mn~Y45Mn GB/T8731,GB/T702

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