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          Steel Bars and wire rods

          Product introduction: The company's hot-rolled steel bars mainly including ribbed bars, plate round bars and resin anchoring bolt bars. Their characteristics are high strength, good plasticity, corrosion resistance, excellent welding and cold bending performance, etc. They also have the high market recognition. Seagull brand hot-rolled ribbed bar won the honor of the "Golden Cup Award" related to Metallurgical Products Quality in China.

          Product categories Size (mm) Steel grades Executive standards
          Hot-rolled steels bar Hot-rolled ribbed bars ◎6~12 wire rod; ◎12~◎40 round bar HRB400, HRB400E;HRB500,HRB500E;460B,500B(Great Britain) GB1499.2,BS4449(Great Britain)
          Hot-rolled plain round bars φ6~22 wire rod;φ16~22 round bar HPB300 GB1499.1
          Hot-rolled bar for resin bolt ◎16~◎25 MG400, MG500,MG600 YB/T 4364,Enterprise standards,Agreement standards

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