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            Spring Steel Flat Bar

            Main specifications: width 44.5~150mm, thickness 5~56mm

            Executive standards: GB, JIS,DIN, ASTM and technical agreement

            Material characteristics: With excellent comprehensive property, high tensile strength and fatigue limit, high elastic limitation and yield ratio, but also has excellent plasticity and toughness. At the same time, it also has the favorable hardenability and the surface quality. Moreover, it has favorable cold working performance and heat treatment technology property.

            Material applications: Mainly used in automobile leaf spring or steering arm of air suspension.

            Main Specifications and steel grades of spring steel flat bar:

            Size (mm) Steel grades Executive standards
            44.5~150×5~56 60Si2Mn、50CrV、55CrMn 、55SiMnVB、60CrMn、28SiMnB、51CrMnV、52CrMnMoV、60Si2CrV、60CrMnB GB/T 33164.1-2016
            60Si2Mn、55SiMnVB、50CrVA、55CrMnA、60CrMnA、28MnSiB、60CrMnBA GB/T 1222-2007
            SUP6、SUP9、SUP9A、SUP10、SUP11A JIS G 4801:2011
            55Cr3、51CrV4、61SiCr7、52CrMoV4 EN 10089:2002;EN 10092-1-2003
            5160、5160H、6150、6150H、51B60、51B60H ASTM A322;ASTM A304-04
            SAE5160、SAE5160H、SAE6150、SAE6150H、SAE51B60、SAE51B60H SAE J1268;SAE J404
            52CrMnBA、50CrMnVA、FAS3550、NHS3 Protocol standard

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